pricing a hunt

$300.00 per day includes:Camp-house, Walk-in Cooler and one hog up to 100 pounds.

Each pound over 100 pounds result in an additional $1.50 per pound.

Any other hogs for that day are $1.50 per pound.

All wounds are considered kills-fees apply. No half day hunts.

If you book a hunt for a certain number of days, you WILL pay for all days booked


Example:  If you book a 3 day hunt and only actually hunt 1 day, you will still be expected to pay for the full 3 days.

Weekend hunts are reserved for 2 day minimum bookings. 1 day hunts are limited to weekdays only. (weekday = Mon - Fri)


special note

For non-hunting guests

there is a $100.00 per day fee that includes the camphouse. Non-hunting guests are not permitted in hunting areas.