about lodging

Two fully equipped camp houses that will accommodate 14 hunters very comfortably are available for your hunt.  The cabins have full kitchens including a stove and refrigerator.  They are also equipped with A/C, heating, shower, and bunk beds.  A BBQ pit is available outside where you can enjoy the beautiful views and the spectacular Texas night sky.  Check out our GALLERY for more pictures!

outdoor facility

We now offer our guests and clients a place to gather and relax after a long day of hunting.   Our covered patio facility offers a patio, bar, satellite TV, CD / Radio, and stainless steel BBQ grill.  What a wonderful area to exchange hunting stories and enjoy yourself!

general store

We have had many hunters arrive at the ranch only to realize that they have forgotten something important such as a cooler, camoflauge clothing, flashlight, batteries, ammo, broadheads, etc. Our general store will offer many of these items as well as Smith Ranch and Hog Hunting hats, t-shirts, coozies, and much more.

archery range

Our archery range offers bowhunters the opportunity to practice and ensure their bows are properly sighted in. This allows shots between 20 - 50 yards with field tips.

gun range

Our gun range offers gun hunters the opportunity to practice and ensure their guns are properly sighted in. This allows rifle, handguns and shotguns to be shot.