Long Shot Club

Long Shot Club

Are you a crack shot?  Do you think you have what it takes to bag a hog at a 1,000 yards or more?  Then you could join the few elite hunters that are members of the Smith Ranch Long Shot Club!!


Bronze Level:  600 Yards

This is the entry level distance to join the long shot club.

Silver Level: 800 Yards

This level is for the serious hunter who wants a real challenge.

Gold Level: 900 Yards

Congratulations!  You have achieved gold status!  900 Yards is an incredible Shot!

Platinum Level: 1,000 Yards

You have joined a group of elite hunters that proudly wear this title.

Super Elite Platinum Status:  Over 1,000 Yards

You have reached the pinnacle of shooting prowess.  Only a few hunters have reached this level of greatness at the Smith Ranch.